Never Too Late

by Bikinis & Icecream

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Tom 70s Guitares saturées, mélodies à deux voix sur les rythmes efficaces de la basse et batterie. Saupoudrez là-dessus des textes simples sur les filles, les fêtes, le skate, l'amour, la jeunesse, la vie. Et voilà 12 chansons sans chichis pour secouer la tête dans la voiture! Favorite track: Sidonie.
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This album was a childhood dream of 2 friends. It's one of the best thing we ever made. Entirely homemade (with its strengths and weaknesses) , it's a complete autoproduction we are very proud of...because it just finally exist and sounds better that we could have expect by our own way... Sincerely made with love and passion,there may be no greater reward for us than knowing this songs could be heard, and we hope, enjoyed by someone. Thanks.


released February 23, 2015

Bikinis & Icecream are Mathieu Allemand & Florent Mares
Mathieu Allemand : Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keyboard
Florent Mares : Vocals
All songs & lyrics written by Bikinis & Icecream
Music : Mathieu Allemand
Bikinis & Icecream © All rights reserved
Recorded by Bikinis & Icecream between Paris and South of France - Summer 2014
Mixed by Mathieu Allemand
Mastered by Vincent Lépée
Artwork by Mathieu Allemand

Bikinis & Icecream would like to thanks :
Our parents for their love, support and help, Nicole & Roland for everything you made for us and all this goods moments past in this magic house, Pierre & Marie-Luce for all this noisy afternoons we spent in your garage, Geoffrey (our first maecenas) for the musical instruments you bought and left to Flo, that help us to write and record this songs, Vincent for the final magic mastering touch on this album, Jean for the first Bikinis recordings that show us the way, Sylvain who played bass with us during this amazing live and of course Fanny, the best sister ever, for her precious help to complete the print of this album.

Mathieu would like to thanks :
Florent for sharing with me dreams, passion, friendship and making things possible, Aurélie & Hugo for making life brighter, Mom & Dad for everything, my sister Fanny always here for me, those who left us but stay everyday in our heart, all our precious friends and first blind fans, the bands we love and which feed our life and dreams.

Florent would like to thanks :
Mathieu for making our childhood dream come true and his friendship beyond the time, Jessica for her love and her smile, mum & dad, my brothers Olivier and Manu, Marie and my fountain of youth Eugénie and Ernest, my grand mother and those who are gone for a new travel, all my friends who support me in every moment, and all those musicians who inspired us, and keep this dream alive.



all rights reserved


Bikinis & Icecream France

Bikinis&Icecream is a french Pop-Punk band from CaliforNîmes.
Friends, autoproduced, full of projects and energy.

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Track Name: Make No Sense
We were young
And day has no end
Saint Saya my friends
All this good moments past
We are, this stories in our mind
Never let go all your dreams
Life’s too short believe in
No time to loose no lies
All this things make no sense

Why do have to leave alone
Our dreams and favorite songs
Living with our regrets
All this things make no sens
All this things
Make no
All this things
Make no

Being a kid and never forget
All this passion
Look back where you’re from
Growing up and never forget
All this reasons
Look back what you’ve done

Believe in your dreams
And ask you what you want the
Most deep inside
Cause time is running so fast
Feeling every moments
Like the last time if your life
Live with passion please never give up
Track Name: My Only Dream
A smile, a feeling,
A voice in your head
Whispering that love is come again, again
Whatever if it's the begin
They have still faith in love dear friends
We had all dreams until the end
We had all dreams until the end

And even if you fall, you must start again

Are you ready for this (for this, for this)
And won't you be victorious (victorious, and glorious)
We'll have to fight together (together, forever)
This is the last dream of us (the drem of us, the dream of us)

Two friends, with long hair
Their dream
Make a rock band
An amazing show which have no end
As a star and as a phoenix,
Those kids will light the city
Like a thunder hits down the hill
Track Name: Good Night and Go
Can you enjoy the life
As you should do it
And be aware of everything is magic around you
Can you see the world
Where everythings possible
You have to play the game
Caus' its an honnor

to believe in this
Not alone
We have to believe in this

I just wanna be free
And see the world
But i can't ignore you
Cause you are so cute
So come take my hand
We'd be great together
But i say good night and go

How do you feel
To have the power of changing the world
And using it just for yourself
We're not a species in brink of extinction
Beautiful and human kind should be your inspiration
Track Name: Do it Better
Tell me that I’m right
And keep my dreams alive cause’
Time is going faster
Time is running out
Like ashes on the ground my
Wishes comin’ nothing
And never coming back

Damn you’re alive
So keep this fight
Life is bright
So let’s go do it better
Let’s go do it right
You’re alive
So keep this fight
And let’s go do it better
Let’s go do it right
You’ll be fine
Watch the signs

I saw cloudy stormy weathers
I spent lonely freaky nights
But with you’re hand in mine I know that
Sky can be reached now
And life is going faster
Life is going bright
Sens's coming clearer
I'm ready to !
Track Name: The Last Transmission (part1)
I'm happy there
But almost gone
So give me time
to carry on
I'm happy there
But almost gone
So give me time
To carry on

Help me Houston
can you receive my call
I drift away
There's nothing on control
Mayday I fall
Our plans were wrong
There's no escape
And everyone must know

I'm looking around
Now I can take the time
I'm lost into deep
There's no more gravity
I'wanna know the truth
Feeling complete
I'm waiting for you
It's a new begining
I fuck what is on
I fall alone
Turning around
There no escape right now
I've got to be free
i see some clarity
Goods will be saved
Bads will be damned
I’m wainting for you
Now everything's so clear
I fuck what is on

Everyday I feel like
My feet can’ touch the ground
And everynight I’m scared of that
I Open my eyes
And see the light
It’s so cold inside
But you’re my fire
Ear me sweet heart
It's my last words
Don't be afraid my love
You can feel me on Earth
Look up to the sky
There is a star for you
It will never blow out
Just believe it
Please do
Track Name: Dad
Happy Birthday dad come on'
It's for you we wrote this song
Let your job fall come back home,
Stay with mom and we'll have fun

Why can't you stay with us
Having good time having fun
Family is the best damw thing
So please dady just stop working
Can't you see now years have past
I'm thirty years old, grow up to fast
Time has gone, memories fade out
The kid you raised just love mad
Track Name: Sidonie
We were watching on the TV screen
Zapping channels, drinking beers
Having fun, it was late at night
When suddenly we saw a light
A beautiful girl lost in the sea
Making report on the fishers' life
She was lonely on this big wet boat
I wish i was a sailor tonight

Dressed up like a fisher guy
I was always looking for your eyes
Yellow coat, boots and cap
Atlantic never been so mine
You hair were gold, your lips so smart
We could find diamond in your eyes
Far away there's horizon
Forgiving bad things we've done

Na nanana
Nana nanana
Nana nanana
Sidonie I love you
Na nanana
Nana nanana
Nana nanana
Sidonie I love you

Miles away with all this guys
Working hard and feeling bad
You were giving the best of you
even when the waves hurt you
And throught the dark there was your smile
Your sweety voice was like a charm
I just went mad when I saw you

I saw a siren, dreams came true
I don't want to go home
You are the beauty i ever known
Please take me away with you
I swear even must be like you
I wish i've never wake up
But time's up the report stop
You walk away in this dark cold night
Fishers' life never been so bright
Track Name: Wait On
You were my summer
You were my winter
All the seasons sound like you name
You're like the weather
You make me happy and suffer
But you can't say that it's over

Wait on
Wait on Tom
Wait on
Wait on Tom

When you wake up
The sun is blinding you (the sun is blinding you)
When the night come and you can't stop crying (cryin')
You don't care about, music girl and friends
You shit on, sport player and political men

Now you're on your own
And you want to get out this fuckin' town (fuckin' town)
Running skate board, listening to your favorite bands
And watching the sun rising (rising)
Everythings is allright
Cause you're alive
Track Name: The Last Transmission (part2)
I can see in the dark in the cold somewhere
A way a starlight
I have no hope but I'm alive
I close my eyes now

Promise me you will be strong enough my love
Your hand in mine, ghost
Be sure I will always keep an eye on you
Like an angel like a good star

Lay down in my spaceship
Watching the starslights
Thinking about the past,
Your face is slowly fade away...

Believe in this real
Maybe's just a dream
I feel your arms I feel your heart
Always say I can
Even in the end
It's not so hard, It's not too far

Promise me you will be strong enough my love
Your hand in mine, ghost
Be sure I will always keep an eye on you
Like an angel like a good star
Wake me up before this story end my love
So can see how it look like
I can feel the air is coming colder now
So bright this starlight
Track Name: Hey
Hey you it's you I'm talking about
Why do you speak too much behind my back
You cant' hide I'll find you
It will be the same without you
How can you say all this rude words
You were so sweet like dreams and dove
We both have dark side of love
We're looking for wrong reasons

You're so afraid to be alone
There're too much girls you feel in love
Can't remember all their faces
Sunshine looks like painfull disgrace
Please take my breath I want you live
I want close to me just to make you feel
Heaven is now and then
So come and take my hand

Hey !
You !
Smile !
Life is too short
Hey !
You !
Try !
What you're made for
Track Name: Eternally in the Dark
Can’t find a
New breath today
Just turning around with pain mayday
Without you
There’s no escape
I’m trapped in this bad dream and awake

Can’t stopping this nightmare
Can’t finding a way
Can’t finding this warm place where I
Could breath again

Where are you
When I close my eyes
Your parfum slowly fade away
My head explode
Disapearing my Illusions

Can’t stopping this nightmare
Can’t finding a way
Can’t finding this warm place where I
Could breath again

Eternally in the dark
eternity is
slow, sad, cold, when
you don’t know why and how
Remember the best
Now feeling the worst
Tomorow is in you're hand

Can’t find a
Reason to this
Unpredictable, you’ll stay a myst
New Horizons
Endings sometimes bring solutions

Can stopin' this nightmare
Can finding a way
Can finding this warm place where I
Could breath again
Track Name: See You Smile
I love you couldn’t be enough
That in my sky you are my star
Would mean nothing
For those who've never lived this hour
Words are missing
Feelings are things we can’t denie

Now you are my seasons
Brighter moments are
True life is together
My heart is beating loud

Has now the taste ever desire
And feeling
Every moments left by your side
There is nothing
That I could mostly desire
And praying
That you will never be too far

Now you are my seasons
Brighter moments are
True life is together
My heart is beating loud

Now I see
All the chance
That I have
To feel this love
This gold we have
forget death
cause we don't mind
I’m so lucky
That I pray
Every day
Every hour
Every moment
Every time
That I can
See you smile
See you smile